Long-Distance Trains In Jeopardy.

As I guess most of us already know, the Trump budget for 2018 eliminates the federal subsidy for Amtrak’s long-distance trains. This doesn’t come from within the Trump Administration, of course. It’s right out of the Heritage Foundation’s playbook. That’s the Washington based libertarian “think tank” that opposes federal funding for pretty much everything, but most especially public transportation.
Defending Amtrak’s national network against the Heritage Foundation is a tough job because their political ideology opposes federal tax dollars subsidizing Amtrak. You make a rational argument for passenger trains and what you get back is simply that it’s not the federal government’s role to subsidize passenger trains. So societal reality—millions of people in need of affordable public transportation—is trumped by a political philosophy.
But take a look at the harsh reality.

If Amtrak’s long-distance service is forced to shut down, the National Association of Railroad Passengers (NARP) estimates that at least 16 of Amtrak’s long-distance trains would stop operating. That, in turn would mean as many as 220 cities and towns would lose train service. States shown in red would lose all Amtrak service
And how’s this for irony: most of those states voted for Trump.


  1. This is a very ill-advised group of men in D.C. The problem is no one is listening to the people–esp us older folk.

  2. I guess that most of us railroad passengers honestly hope (as in some previous administrations) that enough of our Congressmen / Congresswomen and Senators have enough concern and consideration not only for the value of Amtrak itself but also for the communications from their constituents. I do believe that there are a number of Republican house members and senators who have an ear for the value of Amtrak. If the past is any hope where the Reagan and Bush budgets were sucessfully altered by Congress, hopefully then this year with a seemingly greater number of Repblican Amtrak-sympathizers will over-ride the will of the Heritage Foundation on our Railroad Passenger Service. Anyone taking this seriously, writing to our respective Rep And Sentators, along with responding to NARP’s current financial request for help, would like to know what else can be done at his point in time. I believe NARP is planning some aggressive action. Anyone reading this who has not taken action, please do.

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