Unwritten Rules In The Air.

When I fly, I do my best to get a window seat. There are wondrous things to see, whether it’s the constantly changing cloud formations between here and the mainland or the intricate pattern of squares, circles and rectangles as you fly over corn and soybean fields in the mid-west. And of course there’s also a bit of claustrophobia when I can feel the plane descending and I can’t see out.
The other day, I came across an article about in flight etiquette and was ashamed to admit that of the two issues discussed, I’m guilty of one and have never really been aware of the other.

1. Who controls the arm rest?
This is only an issue in Economy Class, but it should be obvious to any considerate human being that there’s just one arm rest between you and the person sitting next to you. I just never think about that and it’s always well into a flight when I suddenly realize that my arm has been comfortably hogging the armrest.
2. Who controls the window shade?
I confess, I have been blissfully unaware of this one for all these years. As an inveterate window-seat-occupier, I have always assumed: “My window; my window shade.”
Some airlines—Hawaiian Airlines is one—sends a flight attendant around after the meal and when everyone either starts napping or watching their little TV screen directing everyone to lower their window shades.
Next time I fly, I’ll try to remember to share the arm rest, and I’ll lower my window shade half way. Then we negotiate.