A New Viewliner Diner Appears.

Amtrak ordered new Viewliner dining cars months—no, years ago and for some time now, a prototype diner making trial runs has popped up as part of a working consist. In fact, last year the dining car happened to show up on the Lake Shore Limited when I was traveling from Boston to Chicago.
But this is different. This report comes from a NARP member who was booked on the Silver Meteor a couple of days ago and—Lo and Behold!—discovered a brand-spanking-new dining car was part of the consist. Naturally, he took some photos, which I am reproducing three of them herewith:


 The truth is, I find the thought of one new diner going into regular service—if that is indeed what’s happening—I actually find that kind of depressing. Given the state of our national passenger railroad, one new dining car isn’t a big deal.
How about a brand new Superliner sleeper being put into service at the rate of one every two weeks for the next 18 months? Now that really would be a big deal!