Some of the Things I Remember.

I remember when the only radio we owned was in our living room and we all stared at the speakers when listening to it.
I remember when there we only two television stations in the state of Connecticut—one in Hartford and one in New Haven—and everything was broadcast in black and white only.
I remember we played fragile records on a “Victrola” and had to wind it up with a crank and change needles every 8 or 10 records.
I remember my father talking about a friend’s brand-new car and saying, “It’s nice, but I would NEVER pay $1,500 for a Ford!”
I remember the cost of a ticket to Saturday morning movies at the local theater was 25 cents.
I remember when no one had a shower in their bathrooms … only a tub.
I remember when all drug stores had soda fountains. And I remember buying a tuna sandwich and a strawberry milkshake for 50 cents.
I remember my dad thinking he had been cheated when we got a fill-up at a gas station because, he said, “I’ve never paid more than $5.00 for a tank of gas!”
I remember going to see the first Frankenstein movie and kept a light on in my room at night for weeks after that.
I remember wearing a coat and tie for a 90-minute train ride because you dressed in your best clothes when you traveled.
unknownI remember lying in bed on summer nights listening to Curt Gowdy’s play-by-play of the Red Sox games.
I remember being in despair when the price of comic books went from five cents to a dime.
I remember seeing a sign over a doorway in Virginia that said “WHITES ONLY” and when my mother asked if I knew what it meant, I said I did.
But I didn’t.