The Grand Canyon is a ‘Must See’.

A lot of Americans—my wife is one of them—are reluctant to travel abroad on the grounds that there are whole sections of this country that they have never seen. I hate to admit it, but they have a point. In fact, one of our more memorable trips was to the Grand Canyon.
People come from around the world to see what is no doubt our most iconic natural wonder and with good reason.
Probably the best way to get there is by train. You can take Amtrak’s Southwest Chief to Williams Junction, Arizona, although the train’s arrival times are not particularly convenient. The westbound train originating in Chicago gets there at 9:45 in the evening; the eastbound Chief, coming from Los Angeles, arrives in Williams Junction at 3:45 a.m. however you can book an Amtrak bus for the 10-minute ride to the town of Williams, Arizona, and there are several decent hotels there. Arrival times for the Chief are a bit better for Flagstaff, AZ, and you can rent a car and drive to the Grand Canyon from there.
 But as far as I’m concerned, the best way to get from Williams Junction to the Grand Canyon is by the Grand Canyon Railway. (NARP members get a discount on the fare, by the way.) The train leaves Williams Junction at 9:30 in the morning and gets to the South Rim at about noon.
 There is really no need to have a car once you reach the canyon because there is an excellent jitney service that runs frequently. It’s free and will take you almost anywhere you would like to go along the South Rim.
 Before digital photography, a visit to the Grand Canyon would cost a fortune in film and processing. There are spectacular shots everywhere you look from every vantage point. I couldn’t resist photographing the Colorado River which runs through the canyon far below.
 The jitneys run all along the south rim, stopping at hotels and at the many spots where there’s another spectacular view. My wife and I were there for two nights and that was plenty.