Mostly All NARP Business Today.

We got a tour of the local transportation facilities here in Denver yesterday, which included taking the train out to Denver’s magnificent airport. This morning was the opening meeting, then break-out sessions for the rest of the day.
In the past, NARP would typically attract 60 or 70 members to one of these Fall meetings, but it appears that we have more than 130 attendees this year, coming from all over the country.
There were six very interesting sessions today dealing with a variety of topics relating to transportation in general and passenger rail in particular. One of the best dealt with how to work effectively with government to achieve specific rail related goals. (Recommendations: (1) don’t rush things, (2) line up maximum support in advance, and (3) make nice! )
Our annual business meeting with all 100-plus elected members of the NARP Council will be held tomorrow, with everything concluding after lunch. Most of the members will head for their homes at that point, but several of us will stay over another night in order to catch the westbound California Zephyr early Monday morning.
I’ll be leaving the Zephyr that afternoon for an overnight stay in Glenwood Springs, then continuing on to the west Coast the following day. Reports and photos will be posted here along the way, of course. (There are indications of problems starting with my laptop, but I’m ever the optimist.)