It’s True: French Toast Is Back!

Well! The NARP scuttlebutt network has produced all kinds of good new with regard to Amtrak’s food service. At the top of that list is the fact that—and this has been confirmed from several sources—the Traditional Railroad French Toast is back on Amtrak’s dining car menus. While my favorite en route breakfast has not yet reached every dining car, it has appeared on many and by now is probably available on all long-distance trains.

And, indeed, the proof is in the batter, so to speak. I don’t remember on which train’s dining car one of our reader’s took this photo, but it was emailed to me here just two days ago. This is good news indeed, but for every step forward, we seem to take another one backwards.
Another email report on that same day said that the Häagen-Dasz ice cream—a dessert option for years—has been replaced on the California Zephyr’s menu by Blue Bunny. Will it never end??
Finally, I have obtained a wonderful, comprehensive narrative as to exactly what goes into a seemingly simple move such as adding or removing an item from Amtrak’s dining car menu. I found it fascinating and will share hunks of it as soon as I can get permission. It’s a very interesting inside look and will, I’m afraid, shame all of us who throw up our hands in frustration and say, “That’s ridiculous! All they gotta do is . . . ”
Bottom line: Some things just aren’t easy to fix!