The Weak Link in the Travel Chain.

Travel is complicated. The complexities of running an airline are way beyond my comprehension. And there is no end to the problems that can and do occur to screw up Amtrak’s operation. Still, all things considered, the system works pretty well. Most of the time they get us where we want to go.
But it’s at that point where the system breaks down: catching the shuttle from the airport to your hotel. Something always seems to go wrong, especially if it’s late at night. It starts with your call to the hotel to have them send the shuttle to collect you.
(ring, ring, ring)
Recorded voice: Thank you for calling the Airport Hilton. For reservations, press one. For room service, press two. For housekeeping press three. For all other business, press zero.
(presses zero … ring, ring, ring)
Recorded voice: I am currently assisting another guest. Please hold …
Last night, when I called my hotel to ask for a shuttle, the girl on the phone said, “The shuttle just left for the airport. He’ll be there in three minutes. Go to 4-B for pick-up.” *click*
Every so often, you catch a break and I did last night. A cop pointed me in the right direction and, miraculously because of all the circulating traffic, I spotted the hotel van and waved fanatically. He saw me and pulled over. I never did find 4-B.