Bridges, Airports and Roads Get a Failing Grade. And So Do the Politicians.

On CBS’s 60 MINUTES this past Sunday, there was a report on the crumbling infrastructure in this country. It was shocking … and sobering … and frightening … and infuriating. But it’s a “must see”. If you missed it, here’s the link:
We have an estimated 70,000 bridges in this country that are literally unsafe and potentially dangerous. In particular watch for the segment toward the end in which Amtrak president Joe Boardman is interviewed about the Portal Bridge over the Hackensack River in New Jersey over which literally hundreds of passenger trains pass every day. It’s a “swing bridge” which opens to let boats through. It’s more than 100 years old … and it frequently doesn’t close properly … and one of these days it will simply break down, which will cost the whole northeast economy hundreds of millions of dollars every single day.

Watch this report. And then contact your two senators, your member of Congress, and any other person in public office who represents you. It is a disgrace that our elected representatives have allowed this to happen. But they have … and it’s for the shallowest of reasons: they don’t want a political opponent to be able to attack them for raising taxes to pay for these repairs.

I’m willing to bet that the relatives of the thirteen people who died and the 145 people who were injured when the bridge collapsed in Minneapolis seven years ago would have some pretty strong opinions about that.