Canadian Government to Citizens of Hearst: “Sorry, You’re Screwed.”

Transport Action Canada is the equivalent organization north of the border to our National Association of Railroad Passengers, mercifully and better known as NARP. From TAC, we get the alarming news that the Canadian government is taking action that will result in the shutting down of a vital rail link. 
The issue involves a train operated by Canadian National Railway between the towns of Sault Ste. Marie and Hearst, both in Ontario province. The train is supported by the government because it is required by Canadian law to subsidize rail service to “remote communities”. 
But if that’s the law, how can the conservative government now in power just make an announcement that it’s ending the rail subsidy for the train to Hearst? Simple. One of their bureaucrats simply declares that – Shazam!– Hearst is not a remote community. And so, after 100 years, the train to Hearst will stop running on March 31st. Just like that.
Beginning April 1st, instead of traveling to Sault Ste. Marie by train at a cost of $170 one way, citizens of Hearst can take Bearskin Airlines for $500 or drive their family car. According to MapQuest, it’s 475-mile drive and takes 10 hours. Some choice!
I am proud to say that NARP has issued a statement of solidarity with Transport Action Canada, in which the Canadian government is urged to reconsider this action.

And indeed they should. Causing the cancellation of that train is a thoughtless, selfish and heartless act. And every one of those Conservative Party politicians who went along with it should be ashamed.