A Reminder … and a Plea.

We’ll be leaving for a 12-day trip tomorrow morning (Monday) and I will be posting only intermittently over that time. My apologies for the long silences, but this is a vacation and I’m really looking forward to relaxing on Amtrak to the Grand Canyon, seeing some of the southwest, and taking the train again back to the west coast.

In the meantime, forgive me the following indulgence:

A year or so ago, my wife came across a dog running wild along the road. He had apparently been hit by a car and, judging from a large scar across his chest, we suspect he had belonged to a pig hunter. At the time, he was malnourished and scared, too. She got him to the Maui Humane Society and, after no one claimed him, we went back and brought him home. We had his hip fixed — and had him fixed at the same time — and he has long since become a member of the family. In fact, he has decided this place is now his turf and woe! unto anyone who shows up with mischief on his mind.

This morning after breakfast, however, I stepped out onto our lanai and found our fearsome protector like this:

(The pool is there for visits by our two-year-old granddaughter.)

So, may I use this space today to respectfully ask that you spay and neuter your pets, and that you support your local Humane Society. They are all walking a financial tight rope in these difficult times … and both they and the animals they save and protect need all the help they can get. And do consider rescuing one of the animals they are currently sheltering. You will very likely wind up with somebody like this … who will spend the rest of his life thanking you.