A Preview Look at VIA Rail’s Refurbished Sleeping Cars.

As mentioned here the other day, VIA Rail is in the process of completely refurbishing the interiors of it wonderful stainless steel sleeping cars. I just came back from a Vancouver-to-Toronto ride in the original equipment and, after seeing photos of the renovated cars, I can’t wait for my next trip!
The interiors of the old configuration included roomettes that accommodated one person, six cabins for two people, and three open “sections”, each of which converted to an upper and a lower berth at night, with heavy drapes providing privacy. (Think of the sleeping car scene in the classic film, “Some Like It Hot”.)
VIA daytime
Here’s what the renovated cabin-for-two looks like in its daytime configuration. It’s not only very classy, it’s 50-percent larger than the old version.
VIA RAIL CANADA INC. - VIA Rail Canada unveils new Prestige
While you’re having dinner, the VIA car attendant will lower the bed from the wall. It will comfortably accommodate two people and, as I think you can see, includes a nice thick mattress and a wonderful down comforter.
This is the newly redesigned lounge area in one of the classic bullet-shaped Park cars, always the last car on all of VIA Rail’s long-distance trains.
The other popular features of these WON-DER-FUL rail cars are the viewing dome on the upper level and a second lounge area, with comfortable seating, tables (on which to set your drinks) and an attendant (to serve those drinks).
I do have one complaint about my recent cross-Canada trip on VIA Rail’s justly-famous train # 2: While coffee, juice and pastries were available from early morning, the bar in the Park Car didn’t open for business until 11:00 a.m. Now I ask you: Is a Bloody Mary really a Bloody Mary if it’s served that late in the morning?