As Willie Nelson would say, I’m …

. . . On the Road Again. Actually, I’m on the way to San Diego to meet with three NARP colleagues to begin planning for a meeting of the National Association of Railroad Passengers that will take place in Chicago around the middle of October, 2017. But this is not just another NARP gathering. The occasion is—believe it or not—a 50th Anniversary celebration!
These days, our headquarters are in Washington, DC, but NARP was organized and first located in Chicago and was headquartered there for the first few years of its existence. And that made a lot of sense, because Chicago has always been America’s rail hub. That’s true even today, with eight of Amtrak’s long-distance trains terminating there.
At any rate, I’m leaving here this afternoon and will be in San Diego over the weekend, returning to Maui on Tuesday. I will try to post here along the way, assuming there will be something of interest to pass along.