Computer Problems. Bummer!

Half–maybe even most–of my files have disappeared. My problems began a couple of weeks ago when I had to replace the hard drive. My files couldn’t be saved, but I had subscribed to Carbonite and the techie downloaded all of my backed up files from their web site onto the new hard drive.
Or so we thought. It’s maddening, but more than half the time when I click on a folder, there are no documents inside. Sometimes I find them hiding in he middle of a column of documents in an obscure folder, unrelated to their subject.
Getting this mess straightened out is going to take hours and I have no idea how much will be missing when I’ve finished. I shall resume our dialogue here after I spend some time on the phone with AppleCare and things get straightened out.
It’s maddening and disconcerting and frustrating, but as Jeb Bush would say, “Stuff happens.”