As Promised: Photos from Venice.

This is the entrance to the Grand Canal … and it’s pretty grand, all right. It narrows to perhaps a couple of hundred feet wide as it circles through the city, but plenty of room for two-way boat traffic.
How badly do you want to ride in a gondola? That’s what these people are standing in line for. And these are just as many in line on the other side of that little bridge.

Well, I suppose once you get through that long line and settle into your very own gondola, it could be a special memory.
St Mark's
St. Mark’s Square is huge. So huge it really can’t be adequately shown in a photo … certainly not one taken by a rank amateur. But it’s impressive! The number of pigeons is also impressive.
Not all the canals are narrow and the wider ones are busy with all kinds of traffic.
OK, my bottom line as far as Venice is concerned? Very glad I decided to include it. But once is enough . . . at least it is for me. Too many tourists buying too much stuff. I’d love to come back to Italy, but I’m a small town guy at heart.
Busy day tomorrow. Zurich to Paris to London. More photos to come.