Halifax to Montreal on the “Ocean”.

My one and only ride on VIA Rail’s train #15, the Ocean, was eight years ago and I would love to do it again. I do have to say that he scenery along the way isn’t extra special—certainly nothing to compare with the Toronto-to-Vancouver train. It was mostly farmland, small farms with modest buildings and not very many that seemed particularly prosperous. But it was pleasant … relaxing … comfortable. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
At the time I took the Ocean, VIA was using two different kinds of equipment—a classic stainless steel consist alternating with what they call “Renaissance” equipment that was originally going to be used between the U.K. and the European continent. Today, with the reduced three-day-a-week schedule, the Renaissance equipment is being used exclusively, although VIA adds one of their bullet-shaped Park cars and a Skyline observation car to the consist.
At any rate, here are a few photos taken along the route from Halifax to Montreal.

The Halifax waterfront features restaurants and a wonderful maritime museum.

The Halifax waterfront features restaurants and a wonderful maritime museum.

The dining car on The Ocean is comfortable and provides a very pleasant dining experience.

En route to Montreal, the Ocean passes through countryside dotted with modest farms.

Morning brings the Ocean to the mighty St. Lawrence River with Montreal on the opposite shore.

My first stop in Montreal is always at this fabulous bakery in the railway station.

I really do recommend this ride, a big reason being the marvelous cities at either end of the route. I loved Halifax and want to go back and spend several days there. And, of course, Montreal, the second largest French speaking city in the world, is wonderful, too. Ah, yes … so much to see, so little time. Let’s get going!