First Leg of Return Journey Completed.

CHICAGO–The Capitol Limited ran on time all the way from Washington to South Bend, Indiana, which is where we ran into some freight traffic.Still, we were only a few minutes late into Chicago’s Union Station. It was a good trip, start to finish. As always, a really good on board crew makes all the difference. Our car attendant was terrific and, once he realized there were several NARP people in his car, he was scathing in his comments about Amtrak’s latest cost-cutting measures.
One of those measures was to unplug the coffee urns in sleeping cars at 9:30 in the morning instead of keeping hot coffee available all day long. Our car attendant said he would never comply with that edict unless and until Joe Boardman himself came aboard and personally pulled the plug. My kinda guy!!
I’ll be in Chicago all day today–unfortunately neither the Cubs nor the White Sox are playing an afternoon game–and will be leaving at 8:00 tonight in one of several private cars attached to the rear of Amtrak’s City of New Orleans train. We will supposedly be treated to gourmet meals in a dining car and entertainment in a lounge car throughout the entire trip. I will, of course, provide a complete description of the experience, plus photos, from New Orleans tomorrow night.