NARP Goes Up On The Hill.

I visited a total of six Congressional offices today — both of Hawaii’s senators and each of our two representatives. In addition, I included a stop at the office of a congresswoman from Nevada to cover from a NARP member who had an appointment with her but was unable to get away at the last minute. Then, I tagged along with two of our guys from New Jersey who were on their way to meet their congressman.
Bottom line #1: Received a nice welcome from all, even from the two offices where I was not a constituent.
Bottom line #2: I have a sore back, a blister on the little toe on my right foot; but I’m in back in my bedroom with a freshly made bed and a hot shower. 
There is more to report, but I am just too damn tired and sore. Furthermore, I don’t have the energy to file a claim and pursue the issue tonight or even ever. You folks are, therefore, free as birds to pursue these issues without me … at least for now. Just too much NARP stuff to deal with.
And any most posting here tonight is just too much from ME to deal with. And so to bed.
And lest I leave any of you in the dark, I feel I should probably add that NARP is the National Association of Railroad Passengers