One Response to the “Open Carry” Gun Laws.

I don’t know how many, but a number of states now have “Open Carry” laws making it legal to carry firearms anywhere. To the supermarket. To the movie theater. Into a bar. Even to church. Anywhere

It’s a perversion of the Second Amendment, of course, but here’s something I doubt a lot of the spineless politicians who pass these idiotic laws have thought through.

Suppose you’re having a bite to eat at the local family restaurant with your wife and your kids … and these two fine specimens walk in.
Here’s the question: Are they good guys or bad guys? Are they just two local gun nuts with 40 IQ’s who came in to wave their NRA membership cards, strut around, and make what they think is a point? Or are they a pair of sickos about to mow down a couple of dozen innocent people, including you and your family? 
The scary answer is: You don’t know!

So here’s what you should do: Get out. Immediately. Stand up, grab the kids and go. Leave the food. Forget about paying. Just go. Same if you’re at the supermarket or in church. Leaving right away is the only sensible thing to do. And, not coincidentally, it makes the point to the establishment you’re vacating. Maybe the other folks there will get it, too.

Click on the photo. Enlarge it. Take a good look at those two faces and tell me you’re certain they’re not batshit crazy. Remember: they don’t call them “gun nuts” for no reason.

(Sorry for the departure from the usual topics. Once in a while you’ll just have to indulge me.)