Amtrak Superliner Roomettes: Upstairs or Down?

The last couple of posts seem to have struck a responsive chord. Apparently there is a lot of interest in the differences between the several choices of sleeping car accommodations and the pros and cons for each.

In response to an earlier post about Superliner roomettes, I was asked if I preferred being on the upper or lower level in one of those bi-level rail cars. (There are 10 roomettes on the upper level, four below.)

Well, as is usually the case, there are pros and cons to each choice. But, personally, I prefer being in a roomette on the upper level. For one thing, there is less track noise and no stairs to climb. And I think the additional height gives you a somewhat better view of the passing scenery. Also, there’s no need to close the window curtains at night; your berth is probably 10-plus feet above the platform which means no one at station stops during the night can see into your room.

That said, I also know veteran Amtrak riders who insist on a lower level roomette because they are close to not just one, but three lavatories and the shower. There is also less sway. And, for some of these folks, track noise is music to their ears.  (I confess: I love all those different sounds, too!)

More questions?