Daytime TV: Programming for a Nation of Morons.

As you probably know, I am pretty much stuck at home while recuperating from knee replacement surgery. In between physical therapy sessions, I have spent some time over the past 10 days, watching – or, rather, trying to watch – daytime television.

Aside from an occasional decent movie and every tenth snippet on one of the news channels (excluding Fox, of course), it’s across-the-board terrible … geared to the lowest common intellectual denominator.

I just quit trying after a couple of days and have fallen back on reading and watching the Boston Red Sox games on TV. Nothing better go wrong with my Kindle or with DirecTV. My sanity hangs in the balance.

By the way, any politician advocating the elimination of funding for NPR or PBS should be forced to sit and watch this mindless crap. (Of course, I suppose many of that ilk would probably like it.)