Comments (well, most of them) are still welcomed

Some weeks back, I began getting a rash of comments almost daily that came through as nothing but a weird collection of symbols. In my vast ignorance of these things, at first I thought perhaps these indecipherable messages were Chinese characters or Arabic letters that Google translated into boxes and dashes. Then I began to think they were the work of some annoying cranks … you know, the creeps who think it’s clever to create viruses that screw up our computers. At any rate, using a section of the Google blogging program, I set up a barrier which permits me to screen all comments. That may be the reason fewer comments then normal are showing up. (God knows, it couldn’t possibly be that my blogs are just not interesting enough to stimulate any comment!)

Please know that I am delighted to hear from any of you and will be sure to post any comments, assuming they’re relevant and appropriate.

And, of course, I’ll be more than glad to answer any questions you might have about Amtrak, VIA Rail or train travel in general. Just email me at