The Ultimate Insult to Baseball Fans in Hawaii

Today was the final day of the 2010 baseball season and the San Francisco Giants, by defeating the San Diego Padres, became champions of their division.

The Giants have thousands of fans in Hawaii who were passionately interested in watching this winner-take-all game on television.

However, when they turned on their TV sets, this is what they saw:

Due to MLB Blackout Rules, tonight’s game (Giants-Padres) is unavailable. Programming will resume at the end of the game.

The reason why this critical game was blacked out in Hawaii are many and complex, but can all be summed up thusly: A two-year-old argument over money between Comcast in the Bay Area and our local cable company.

For weeks now, our hope was that Major League Baseball would step in and demand resolution of the issue with the interests of the fans in mind.

That, of course, was assuming that Major Leage Baseball actually cares about the fans.

Silly us!