Maui Can’t Possibly Be Taken for Granted

It’s always fascinated me that here on Maui we have many little micro-climates going on all at the same time. While we’re getting heavy rains here in Ha’iku, over on the west side in the Lahaina and Kaanapali areas, it will be a warm, balmy day that’s perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

The topography also varies tremendously. There are rolling hills and verdant pastures within a 10-15 minute of here. Meanwhile, over on the Lahaina side, it’s what you visualize when you think of Hawaii: palm trees, sandy beaches and blue waters.

My wife and I experienced exactly that over this past Saturday when we had dinner with some close friends living on that side of the island. To avoid the hour-long drive back home after dinner, we spent night over there at a perfect little hotel, The Mauian.

It’s a very low-key two-story place, built in the 50s and still holding on to a wonderful, informal “family” feel, with no TVs or phones in the room. There is a small kitchen in each unit and the hotel’s restaurant actually belongs to the resort next door.

But, best of all, you can step out of your room, walk 50 or 60 feet, and step right onto Napili Beach. It’s protected to some degree by reefs several hundred feet offshore, so the swell is gentle. The reefs are full of fish and offer a good experience for both veteran and novice snorkelers.

And there, right in front of you across the channel, is the island of Molokai. The island of Lanai is also plainly in view off more to the west. (You can see it in the distance in the photo of Napili Beach.)
I’ve lived here in Hawaii for more than 45 years, but I’ll never get over the magnificent views and experiences that are always there whenever you turn another corner … just one big Wow! after another.