Some Good News for Amtrak and for Indiana

Amtrak has been gaining passengers steadily for the past several years. That we know. The big problem has been not enough equipment to comfortably handle all that new business. A year ago, Amtrak had more than 100 rail cars – coaches and sleepers – in storage because there was no money for the minor repairs or required maintenance that would get them back into service.

Well, that is about to change! The Obama Administration has announced that a chunk of stimulus dollars will be going to Amtrak’s repair facility in Beech Grove, Indiana. Yes, it means jobs for a part of the country that’s been hit harder than most areas. But it’s also a very good indication that the Obama folks are serious about passenger rail and, even more, that they know what the real practical priorities are.

For an interesting photo-tour of Amtrak’s repair facility by Chris Guenzler, go here.