Apparently It’s Time for a Disclaimer

From time to time, I’ve received comments and emails — not all favorable — about the posts that stray from “Travel” and “Trains” and wander off into “Other Things.”

Sometimes I write about “Other Things” because there just isn’t enough stuff about travel or trains coming along to provide fodder for a daily post that’s worth your time. And so I digress when I come across something I find interesting and worth sharing.

Yes, many of those other posts are about politics … but, gee … it is a political year and we’re in the home stretch of a damn important election. We should be discussing politics, don’t you think?

I do my very best to get my facts straight for all my posts, political or otherwise, and I do try to be fair. But I certainly have opinions and my posts tend to reflect them.

For instance, I have no patience for the cynical and superficial crap that seems to dominate political campaigns in this country. Why are we talking about lipstick on pigs when 47 million of us have no health insurance? Why do we tolerate that stuff? It makes me mad as hell and I intend to keep on writing about it.

But any blog … this blog … is just a collection of one individual’s thoughts and opinions. In the grand scheme of things, how important is it, anyway?