Wind Power Is One Answer, But …

As everyone knows, alternative sources of energy has been a hot topic for some time, especially since gasoline is now heading for $5.00 a gallon.

My recent ‘round the country train trip started in Los Angeles where I took Amtrak’s Sunset Limited to New Orleans. A couple of hours out of LA we passed through Palm Springs where there is a wind farm. It’s a staggering operation. I took this photo from the train, but would guess this shot includes less than ten percent of the wind turbines operating there. Amazing, eh?

Basically, this just goes to show that nothing comes without a price. In this case it’s visual pollution, although these turbines are located in what I would call a pretty barren God-forsaken area. Nevertheless, there will be other locations where wind power is feasible, but where people aren’t willing to have something like this across the street.

Proving once again, I suppose, that there are never simple, painless answers to complex problems.