Three Candidates. Three Positions on Amtrak.

An astute fellow blogger was interested to learn about any ideas each of the three remaining presidential candidates had about the future of rail transportation in the US. To do that, he went to each candidate’s web site and conducted a search for the word “Amtrak“. Here’s what he found:

BARAK OBAMA: “In the U.S. Senate, Obama is a cosponsor of the Passenger Rail Investment and Innovation Act of 2007, a leading act to provide long-term federal investment to Amtrak. As president, Barack Obama will continue to fight for Amtrak funding and reform so that individuals, families and businesses throughout the country have safe and reliable transportation options.”

HILLARY CLINTON: “Hillary believes that greater federal involvement is needed to maximize the potential of this transportation mode. She will increase federal investment in light rail by $1 billion over 5 years in order to help finance capital projects. These investments are in addition to the federal commitment to Amtrak.”

JOHN McCAIN: (The search for “Amtrak” on McCain’s web site yielded no results.)

So … what else would like like to know?