How About Joning NARP?

The fact that you’ve dropped in here for a looksee likely means you’re interested in rail travel. So think about a membership in NARP – the National Association of Railroad Passengers.

NARP’s mission is to promote “a modern, customer-focused national passenger train network” and it’s the only national organization that speaks for people who travel by train, whether long-distance or commuter.

Over the past 15 or 20 years, NARP, with the help and support of its 23,000 or so members, has played an important role in keeping Amtrak in business. Whenever a member of Congress starts talking about cutting federal support for Amtrak – it’s almost always a Republican, by the way – NARP alerts those of its members who are constituents of that politician and the letters and faxes and emails start showing up at his or her office.

Annual dues are very low and, if you think this country needs a modern efficient and environmentally-friendly system of passenger trains, your support of NARP can help make a real difference.

There’s a link to the NARP web site in the right-hand column. Check ’em out.