Another Trans-Canada Ride Coming.

I’ll be leaving here next month to attend the annual Fall meeting of the Rail Passengers Association which will be held in Miami this year. After the three days of meetings, I’ll take the Silver Meteor to New York and after a couple of days there, I’ll head up to Toronto on The Maple Leaf. Why Toronto? To take VIA Rail’s iconic train, The Canadian, all the way across Western Canada to Vancouver, British Columbia, on the Pacific Ocean.

This will be my 8th or 9th time on this wonderful train. Here are a few photos from the ride I took several years ago that began in Montreal, the second largest French-speaking city in the world. And just like France, check out this magnificent bakery right in the middle of the station!

The Canadian Rockies are truly spectacular and so was the view I got of the train as it skirted one of the many lakes that are fed by the snow melt. Jasper is 30 minutes up ahead.

I wish this could have been video so you could fully appreciate how quickly and efficiently this young lady worked. As I recall, there was another person working the other side of the train. But you can be sure that when we left Jasper, every window was sparkling clean.

On the last day, the Canadian follows the Fraser River for many hours all the way into Vancouver. The Fraser River Valley, as you can tell, is incredibly beautiful, especially with the Rockies in the background.

So grab a pen and get VIA Rail’s Train #1 or #2 on your Bucket List.

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