VIA Rail Introduces Prestige Class Service … And It’s a Big Wow!

I have written before about the trans-Canada ride on VIA Rail between Toronto and Vancouver. It’s without doubt one of the Top Ten Rail Journeys in the world – and VIA Rail trains #1 and #2, The Canadian, should be on every train travel enthusiast’s bucket list.

I will admit without shame that I’ve made that journey six times. I don’t have a specific date yet, but I’m going to make that journey again … this time in the middle of winter. I think it will be a fascinating ride … quite a different experience altogether from those in the “high” season. And, of course, the fares are much less.

If you’d like to have an extra reason to help rationalize such a journey, here it is: in 2015, VIA will be introducing their new Prestige Class in sleeping cars on this train. The interiors of those wonderful stainless steel railcars are being completely overhauled and refurbished … and the results are spectacular.

After a truly excellent dinner, and perhaps an aperitif or two in the Park Car Lounge, how would you like to drift off to sleep in this full-size double bed as the Canadian Rockies are passing by right out the big picture window in your cabin?

Yeah. Me, too!

Here’s a photo of that cabin in its daytime configuration and you can click here to see a brief promotional video.

Don’t forget: VIA Rail is still offering a 10% discount off most fares to members of the National Association of Railroad Passengers … and that applies to sleeping car accommodations as well as the basic rail fare. You can join NARP by going here.

On second thought, I think I’ll go ahead and pick those dates right now!