What’s So Special About Hawaii?

There are many things I like about doing this blog and one of them is right now. I’m sitting here at the computer and I haven’t the faintest idea what I’m going to write about. It is to be hoped that something will come, because I don’t have a lot of time. We’re going out for dinner tonight with a couple we like a great deal. Old friends.

She worked in Honolulu as a freelance PR person. We provided her with a desk in our office, a stack of our business cards, and introduced her as our Public Relations Department. Once a client got a look at her, they usually decided they could use a little PR. She’s a beauty.

He’s from an old well known Hawaiian family. His mother was a prolific song writer with I suppose literally hundreds of wonderful old Hawaiian songs to her credit, and entertained well into her 80s. Two of his sisters and a cousin perform as a trio, playing ukulele, guitar and bass, and are always in demand.

He’s been in the hotel business for years and they knew each other from their work in the visitor industry. Each had been married before and both of their spouses had died at a fairly young age. One thing led to another and they decided to get married.

As the church was filling up, his mother and that trio of woman played and sang wonderful Hawaiian songs. Then, when the beautiful bride entered at the back of the church, the groom stood up, took the microphone and, with his family strumming the accompaniment, he sang to her in Hawaiian.

I tell you: that damn church was positively awash in aloha! Not a dry eye in the house including, I am unashamed to say, mine. 

When I’m traveling on the mainland, people envy my life here in Hawaii. They think it’s the weather and the mountains and the beautiful beaches. That’s the half the brought me here. But it’s the other half that keeps me here.