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We have to replace a small under-the-counter refrigerator in our kitchen. We use it to store items we don’t use very often or that take up too much space in the big fridge … stuff that has to be kept cold. Condiments, for example: mustards and pickles and olives. And carrots. We have a couple of horses and my wife buys the biggest bag of carrots she can find. Treats for the horses. All that stuff goes into our little fridge.  But it broke. Just doesn’t work anymore.

So we called a local appliance repairman. Sorry, he said, but he doesn’t work on little refrigerators. OK, so we’ll call another repair guy. Same thing.  Doesn’t work on these little boxes. He did have some advice: Buy a new one.

OK, but it’s going to be a good one this time. After an extensive on line search, we finally identified a make and model that will fit in the space under our counter. We called the dealer this morning, got voicemail, and left a message: We want to buy a refrigerator, here’s our number, please call. That was first thing this morning.  No callback.

Meanwhile, I need to have three large screen doors repaired and re-screened. I picked a company from a large ad in the Yellow Pages, called them, and got . . . voicemail. I left my name, my phone number, and a message. That was Saturday. Monday has come and gone. No callback.

Appliance repairmen won’t come out to look at the little fridge even though I’m perfectly happy to pay for their time. The appliance dealer doesn’t return my call even though my message said I want to buy an appliance. The guy who spends big bucks advertising in the Yellow Pages doesn’t respond when the ad produces a phone call from a potential customer.

How come nobody wants to take my money?