A New Edition: Big Work, Little Details.

I’m working on the 4th edition of my book, which means I’ve got to update all the information about Amtrak and VIA Rail in Canada, and there’s a tremendous amount of information to review and check to make sure it’s still accurate.

Schedules change and I’ve got to be sure that suggestions I make for rail itineraries aren’t affected.

New equipment is ordered and I’ve got to make an educated guess as to when it will start to go into service, then decide if the verbs in that paragraph should be past, present or future tense.

I have to clarify bits of information that have raised questions among some readers. For example, the Coast Starlight, Amtrak’s daily train running between Los Angeles and Seattle, has a Pacific Parlour Car for use by sleeping car passengers. In the past, I’ve received a couple of tsk-tsk letters from people who thought I misspelled  “parlour”. In fact, that’s the way Amtrak spells it. Edition #4 will have something in it about where that “u” came from.

Every new edition needs some new material … something that will hopefully induce someone who already has an older edition to buy the new version. So we’re adding a new chapter about ten iconic railway stations … nine in this country and one in Canada.

Most of the stations I’ve picked have some architectural significance, but all are where rail passengers may find themselves waiting for a rail connection. So the chapter will talk about the building itself, and also what’s nearby in the way of sightseeing, dining or overnight accommodations.

I have a tentative list of my own, but nominations for stations are now being accepted at jimloomis3@gmail.com. OK … have at it!