Keeping Trains and Travel More On Track

From time to time, I have received suggestions – well, OK, some have been criticisms – about posts that have deviated from “travel” or “trains” and spilled over into the political arena.

That, of course, was the reason for my including “Other Things” in the title of this blog, but I suppose that my ping-ponging back and forth may have been disconcerting for some and annoying for others, especially those who do not share my political views … eminently sensible though they may be.

And so I’ve created another blog which will allow me more latitude for delving into a wide variety of subjects. Fair warning: I have no doubt there will be an emphasis on politics and government and whatever else is happening that either interests me or delights me or pisses me off.

So, if you’ve a mind to, check out Smatter of Opinion. As always, your comments will be welcome.