Murphy’s Law: If Something Can Go Wrong, It Will.

A few days ago at Narita International Airport in Tokyo, one of the airport cops was putting a drug-sniffing dog through a training exercise. He stuffed a packet containing five ounces of cannabis into the side pocket of a suitcase as it was taken off an incoming flight. No particular bag, just any old bag. The cop then took the dog into the Baggage Claim area so he could sniff out the contraband in the bag as it came sliding down the chute onto one of the carousels.

Small problem: the dog flunked the test. He couldn’t find the bag.

Big problem: the cop forgot which bag he’d hidden the pot in.

So some unsuspecting passenger pulled his bag off the carousel, went home, unpacked and … WHEE!

The cannabis, by the way, has a street value of more than $10,000.

At last report, the Tokyo Police had heard … nothing.